In the otherwise largely level landscape of northern Botswana, the Tsodilo Hills are a notable yet seldom- visited landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Geologically distinct from the Okavango, the Tsodilo Hills have long been held sacred by Botswana’s Bushmen communities, who have created a stunning gallery of rock art in the caves that dot the hillsides. Some of these artworks date back over 1 500 years, and intriguingly, feature paintings of whales even though this landlocked site is more than 1 600km (1 000 miles) from any coastline.

For an insight into the rich storytelling culture of the Bushmen, and their sustainable approach to living off the land without taking away from it, optional extra helicopter excursions from Abu can add a vital cultural and historical dimension to your Okavango Delta experience.

The accessibility of this sacred site from Abu underlines the importance of the camp as a hub for exploring northern Botswana, and its natural and human history.