At Abu, we place the very highest priority on the health and welfare of the Abu Herd. During the day they are free to come and go in the bush, voluntarily returning to the boma at night to minimise any risk of conflict with wild elephants and predators. The elephants have forged genuine bonds of mutual love and respect with the elephant handlers, and they are carefully and closely monitored for any signs of stress or illness.

Expert veterinary care is always available, and all elephant experiences are carefully planned to take full account of the physiology and psychology of elephants as we understand it. In addition, all members of the Abu Herd are free to leave at any time. During the time that they choose to spend with us, everyone working at Abu considers it an immense privilege to be a part of this unique elephant and human herd. At Abu Camp, elephants are far more than a logo – they are our very reason for being, our passion, and they are family.