The Abu Elephant Experience

Meeting Abu Camp’s resident elephant herd gives you a unique opportunity to interact and learn from these incredible creatures. Beginning with Randall Moore’s pioneering “positive reinforcement” training methods, which have evolved so that today they are light years away from the outmoded indignities suffered by captive elephants in circuses and other exploitative situations, these elephants have come to accept humans as members of their herd (albeit rather puny ones, who tragically have to get by without trunks!).

This level of acceptance, and the atmosphere of mutual respect and love, forges extremely strong bonds between the Abu elephants and their handlers. This love and respect is generously extended by the elephants to all the humans they meet, and means that we can offer you Africa’s premier elephant interaction experience, and with the welfare of the elephants and your safety as paramount concerns.

You will not just meet the Abu herd, but be able to physically interact with them – from playful Naledi (who most often expresses affection by bumping into people) to the more serene, older females. This gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent animals.

Walking with the elephants in the bush provides deep insights into their world, as you learn to see through elephant eyes and sense with their senses. It also adds a fresh new perspective to wildlife encounters as you explore the game-rich Abu Concession as an integral part of an elephant herd.

The elephants often accompany you on other activities too, giving you a completely immersive opportunity that is part learning, part awe, and part simply falling in love as the elephants step elegantly but irresistibly into your heart.